Here’s a garage door opener hack you will love! If you are like me you don’t want to leave your garage door opener in the open.  If you park outside of your garage its kind of like leaving your house key in your seat.  We’ve seen a lot of great ideas but this one may win the contest for most savvy.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

The weather’s been so nicely I decided to take the doors off the Jeep and drop the top but this leaves our garage door opener available to dis-artist fingers yeah I could put it in the glove box and lock it up but that’s not convenient. I could even put it in the center console still not convenient so it’s time to hack it. Should for this easy and practical project you’re gonna need garage door opener 0:27a small momentary switch a double strand of wire 0:31and a small box to put everything in the first step is to crack open 0:35your opener I used a small screwdriver to gently pried apart 0:38once inside you’ll find the small circuit board the button cell battery 0:42in our target the little switch that activates the garage door opener 0:46I pop the button cell battery out so I wasn’t opening and closing the garage 0:49door the whole time 0:50and then I removed the circuit board from the housing just a couple clips 0:54held in place 0:55now since we’re gonna be wiring into the small switch I use my multimeter and put 0:59it in continuity bow to find the proper context 1:02putting them on each and in pressing the button indicated which to contacts I 1:06needed the cider to 1:07the little box so many users actually a candy mint holder which is perfect 1:11there’s plenty of room inside and I’ll show you a special feature in just a 1:14second 1:14so using a drill in a small beer drilled a hole in 1:17and the box then I said one end of our double stranded wire through the whole 1:22I split the enzyme that wire and then stripped elite 1:25now it’s time to solder those two wires to the switch in our garage door opener 1:29I’m using a basic momentary switch that you can find online for cheap 1:33or at your local electronics retailer side or the other and a bird double 1:37stranded wire to the switch 1:39all right now it’s time to put it all back together so all clip in the button 1:42cell battery 1:43had some velcro to the bottom of the board in securing into our little 1:46housing 1:47then I snapped the top back in place now check this out the little door allows me 1:51access to change the battery 1:53pretty handy now it’s time to find somewhere to secure its alright under my 1:57steering column 1:58there’s a small panel that pops out this will be a great spot 2:01brought it back inside individual a small hole in the area were I want the 2:05switch 2:06I inserted the switch from the back and then secured a tightly with the little 2:09not 0 2:10and after I determined where I wanted to put this I trim the wire down and 2:14restarted it to the switch 2:15now it’s time to add some heavy duty velcro to the bottom of our little 2:18housing 2:19in the inside of our panel our newly relocated garage door opener is ready to 2:23go 2:24the last ep was just a pop the panel back in place and now 2:27I have no worries about leaving our Jeep topless in my secrets which will get me 2:32inside 2:33that’s how to hack your garage door opener and make it safe and secure 2:36to check out the other videos on my channel click the box on the left 2:40or from your home security gadgets click the box on the right 2:43thanks for watching we’ll see you next time.