Garage Door Tips & Tricks

Which Garage Door Opener to Choose?

Your garage door opener broke. Now you have to decide which type of opener to buy - a screw, chain, or belt drive guide garage door opener. Which one? All have differences and here, we'll look at each type and the maintenance required which will hopefully help you decide. So, what is a drive guide [...]

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Common Garage Opener Issues

Ever try opening your garage door and when you press the button, nothing happens? This is a common problem among homeowners and here you'll find possible reasons why. One problem could be the gear and sprocket assembly. In garage door openers, a motor turns the gear and drive shaft inside the opener, which rotates the [...]

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Tips To Quiet That Noisy Garage Door

Is your garage door annoyingly loud? Noisy garage doors can be disturbing to you and your neighbors. A properly functioning garage door should not make terrible noises. A loud garage door is a sign that safety and function of the door could be compromised. Some steps can be taken by the homeowner to quiet down [...]

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​Modern Glass Garage Doors

A new garage door is a sure way to compete in having the best looking house on the block. Glass garage doors are a beautiful and stylish way to customize your home. Aaron Overhead Door is proud to offer The Clopay Avante Collection. There are various styles and custom designs for natural lighting to choose [...]

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Amarr Classica

Are you shopping for a new garage door that will give your home a more unique feel? The Amarr Classica has special features like tempered, large size windows and wind load, steel-clad doors. This garage door will give your home a fresh look of elegance and function that no other door can give you. At [...]

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Having Garage Door Opener Issues?

Is your garage door opener giving you issues? If you are having issues with your door opening and closing you should call a reputable garage door company. Choose Aaron Overhead Door for your garage door opener installation. We are recognized in the community for our high quality workmanship, competitive prices, and quality products. The garage [...]

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Garage Door Installation

Are you looking for a reputable garage door installation company? Then look no further than Aaron Overhead Door! Having been in the garage door business for more than 45 years, our company offers garage door services that are effective and affordable. Aaron Overhead Door professionals are detail oriented, timely, and always keep a tidy workspace. [...]

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Garage Won’t Open?

There are numerous types of garage problems homeowners experience. Broken garage door springs are likely one of the most common. Generally, a garage door spring's lifespan varies with the frequency of use and service. Just like anything else mechanical, wear and tear is always inevitable. Aaron Overhead Door provides all garage door services including installation, [...]

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Garage Doors San Jose

Aaron Overhead Door is committed to the San Jose area. In fact we have been serving San Jose since 1968. We've seen the change and been with our locals in San Jose through the good times and the bad. We understand your needs and we want to be San Jose's garage door company. If you [...]

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“Knowledgeable and very patient explaining what caused the problem in our garage door. I felt the real concern to help and solve our problem by giving us options to save on cost.”