Ever try opening your garage door and when you press the button, nothing happens? This is a common problem among homeowners and here you’ll find possible reasons why.

One problem could be the gear and sprocket assembly. In garage door openers, a motor turns the gear and drive shaft inside the opener, which rotates the sprocket attached to the top of the drive shaft. This turns the chain and moves the door. Most of the time the problem is when the ridges in the gear wear out because the gear lubrication has evaporated. As a result of the worn gear, the sprocket cannot turn the chain and the door will not open or close. Problems might include stripped gears or a broken sprocket and we suggest replacing both at the same time to ensure proper operation.

If that’s not it, then…

Other issues might be the screw drive limit switches that may have come loose or gone bad. The two types of limit switches are mechanical and magnetic. Both are mounted directly to the garage door opener rail. The switches may be loose or need replacing.

Still not working?

Another problem may be a problem with the safety eyes. If your garage door isn’t closing properly, the problem is usually the safety sensors located at the bottom corners of your garage door. These ensure children, pets, or others are not obstructing the safety eyes signal. The safety eyes must maintain a clear line of sight to one another. Once that line is obstructed, the broken signal tells the opener to stop closing.

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