Have you ever pulled forward too far and bumped the wall or not pulled in far enough and closed the garage door only to find out that it leaves a beautiful new mark on your bumper?  This is a great video to teach you how to do the old tennis ball trick.  Hanging a tennis ball inside your garage to mark where you need to pull up to can be very helpful and save you some time.  Enjoy!

[content_boxes layout=”icon-with-title” iconcolor=”” circlecolor=”” circlebordercolor=”” backgroundcolor=””]
[content_box title=”Transcript From Youtube” icon=”youtube-play” image=”” image_width=”35″ image_height=”35″ link=”” linktarget=”_self” linktext=”” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″]0:00is how you can make a tennis ball car stop 0:03for the garage to keep your car from run into the bicycles the lawn mower the 0:09moped the boat in 0:13anything like that you need a tennis ball I 0:16a washer and pieces strain on 0:20and all or something to poke a hole into the tennis ball with 0:23in a stapler and basically all hang up 0:26the I ball to a length where it can contact the windshield when the car was 0:32brought in 0:32will put in one stable not real tight 0:36just so that we can adjust the ball and we’ll bring the car into the garage 0:42and as soon as the windshield Contax 0:45the ball then you know it’s time to stop 0:48the hard on the front wall 0:52and the ball lineup they’re both in center the garage 0:55and Action Center the windshield hope this was helpful 1:00thanks for watching[/content_box]