If you take a look at your garage door from inside the garage, more particularly the area at the top center where a bar is attached to the door, you will notice a bar that has a J shape. This is conveniently known as the J bar. The operator bracket is the connection between the J bar and your garage door.

Over time, your garage door’s springs begin to wear, creating more weight not only for your opener to lift, but for the J bar as well. When the weight is increased, this puts a lot of stress on the connection between your door and the J bar. For steel garage doors in particular, this stress can cause the panel to crack and be left in need of repair. This simple and inexpensive part does a great job of distributing the force on that connection between the door and J bar, and can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Prevent the cracks, or get ahead of them by installing an operator bracket on your garage door.