On of the most common calls we receive at Aaron Overhead Door from our customers is, “my garage door won’t close”. The most important message I can give you is please, BE SAFE . If your garage door is bending, lopsided or some other odd appearance, leave it alone. We need to help you service or repair your garage door or your garage door opener. If your garage door looks normal, you may repair it yourself by checking the safety lights. They are located at the bottom of the garage door track on both sides of the opening. Most of the time these safety lights are inadvertently bumped out of alignment, they need to be looking at each other across the opening. There is an indicator light on each one that should be on, otherwise, the garage door will stay open. The way you can test this is by making sure the garage door opening is clear and hold the wall button down until the garage door closes. Be careful, this process bypasses the garage door opener safety system. Feel free to call anytime and I can walk you through this process. You can also have us come by to service and repair your garage door or garage door opener.

Keep in mind your garage door and garage door opener should be serviced every year and half or two.

Watch the video to understand how to trouble shoot the garage door opener eyes not being aligned.